Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Feedburner Advances and AdSense in Your Feeds!

Within next few weeks selected publishers at www.feedburner.com, will have the opportunity to sign in using their Google Account. Feedburner became apart of the Google a while ago.

If you are among the selected few and decide to migrate the accounts, all of your settings, feeds will be managed through your new or existing Google account. Basically this is a single sign on that I have with Google, I sign in once and all my services like blogger, Google Docs, Google Analytics, AdSense are auto signed in. So if I am one I will be able to do the same with Feedburner as well!.

Thalking about AdSense, there will also be a tighter integration with AdSense. This should be good news for feed advertisers, and whom those plan to be. Google AdSense in your feeds! Wow.

There are few other changes as well, following is directly from the Feedburner blog;

As part of this Google Account migration, we will need to make a few process changes for our API partners. Effective immediately, the FeedBurner Management API will only be available for existing FeedBurner partners and those Google partners who currently have access to other Google AdSense APIs. The Awareness API will continue to work exactly as it did before, noting that once you migrate to a Google account, you will have to use your Google account credentials IF you use the authenticated API.

If, going forward, you do not want to sign in with a Google account, you can always take your feeds with you by redirecting your subscribers back to your source. Migration will ultimately be here for everybody, including all you MyBrand folks who are master of your domain.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

AideRSS To Help You Filter Your Daily Doze Of RSS Feeds!

I came across AideRSS while ago but did not have time pen something about it. But now it is a must as it is everywhere I manage read my feeds. So instead of writing I have borrowed from other peoples writing! ;).

But I have a question, What if you are a publisher? your pagerank goes higher if people read your posts and propagate them and you get you postrank high. But people don't read your articles because of your post rank is low! Oxymoron RSS!

But no worry you can fix it, just get two of your friends to dig your article and the postrank will jump!

"Users of the NewsGator Online Reader are going to find a new, nifty feature in their readers today: AideRSS PostRank filtering! Similar to the AideRSS GoogleReader Extension for GoogleReader, this functionality will enable NewsGator users to easily sort posts based on social engagement, and quickly find and read what matters."

If you do not know what AideRSS is;

There are only 24 hours in a day and a near infinite number of blogs to follow. You don’t attempt to read the entire newswire every day, and we didn’t think you should be doing the same for every blog. We set out to create an aide, like the newspaper editor, to help you find and read what matters.

AideRSS is an intelligent assistant, which continuously monitors RSS feeds, finds the good stuff, creates a PostRank™, and delivers it to you. We do the grunt work of collecting information on every post, allowing you to focus on your agenda and stay on top of the news stream.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Alexa Ranking Is Live!

Alexa has changed it's ranking algorithm and a new and less Alexa toolbar dependent method is up and running. This would change the Alexa Ranking for some. Now the ranking data come from multiple sources that will enhance the ranking. But they are not telling us what those sources are! Perhaps to deter those who misuse the ranking or may be something that they forgot to announce.
Here are some Q&A from Alexa;
My site's ranking has changed. Was it wrong before?

Your ranking wasn't wrong before, but it was different. Alexa toolbar users' interests and surfing habits could differ from those of the general population in a number of ways, and we described some of those possible differences on our website. While the vast majority of sites' rankings were unaffected by such differences, we've worked hard on our new ranking system to adjust for situations in which they could matter.

The new rankings should better reflect the interests and surfing habits of the broader population of Web users.

Why are the long range graphs gone? I can only get 9 months of historical data.

We are recalculating historic traffic data and will continue to add it over the coming weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience, but should have several years of data back on line shortly.

Will you change the rankings again?

We are constantly working to ensure that we provide the most useful data that we can. We will continue to fine tune our algorithms but don't foresee any additional big changes. If you think something is amiss please let us know.

I liked the old rankings better. Are they still available somewhere?

We liked the old rankings as well. However, we developed the new system in response to the huge number of requests we got from users like you, and now that it's done we like it even better. We hope you will too.
We think that having more than one ranking system at a time would be confusing, so we have removed the old rankings.

Do you want to know what I think about this?

Definitely. We've been collecting suggestions and ideas for months now, and would love to hear more. If you have thoughts on what we've done so far, or ideas on what we should do next, please share them with us.

You can give your Feedback to Alexa here
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bloglines Beta Brings A Slew Of New Features, Search, Flickr View and Improved Add Page

Bloglines have made a bunch of nice changes to Bloglines beta. I have already signed up and enjoying it. Below are some facts from bloglines News. But there are more like Bloglines Top 1000, which I liked very much. The movers and shakers are visible together with moves and shakes (graphs).
I really dig the bloglines beta.
Blog search is finally in Beta, and we've incorporated some popular Ask 3D features. For example, related searches are displayed in the right-hand column next to results. All of classic's features are still there, but with newer styling.

Flickr View Selecting a Flickr feed and viewing it in quick view now uses the Flickr API to show images at their maximum resolution.
Add Page Beta's old add page was spartan, to say the least. The new Add page has package tracking, weather feeds, and a new feature: Packs. You can now add popular categories of feeds with a single mouse click.
You can sign up here!
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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Self-Service Feed Transfer capability with Feedburner .

If you are a Feedburner user, you may have noticed the new feature that burning people have added to your My Feeds control panel, (see above picture, just above Monetize.), called Transfer Feed. According to Feedburner, this has been live for weeks.

What is it good for?

Nowadays more and more people build blogs, websites, portal pages. They also get wise and burn feeds to increase awareness of the pages and to promote the sites in this large ocean of publishing. As usual there will be changes in content ownership and control lead to the desire to move a FeedBurner feed from one account to another. This used to be a hassle to the owner of the feed and the Feedburner itself. Before this feature, if someone who wanted to transfer a feed to another account used to a submit a request to Feedburner, and then one of the burning people would verify the accounts and then complete the actual feed transfer. Reliable, but time-consuming and tedious for all parties involved.

So no more sweating over transfers, you can now transfer it to anyone you like simply by using the Transfer Feed… link. (Please note that only feed owners may initiate transfers from their own accounts to others. Additional how-to info about Feed Transfer is in our Help Center topic.)

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