Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Feedburner Advances and AdSense in Your Feeds!

Within next few weeks selected publishers at www.feedburner.com, will have the opportunity to sign in using their Google Account. Feedburner became apart of the Google a while ago.

If you are among the selected few and decide to migrate the accounts, all of your settings, feeds will be managed through your new or existing Google account. Basically this is a single sign on that I have with Google, I sign in once and all my services like blogger, Google Docs, Google Analytics, AdSense are auto signed in. So if I am one I will be able to do the same with Feedburner as well!.

Thalking about AdSense, there will also be a tighter integration with AdSense. This should be good news for feed advertisers, and whom those plan to be. Google AdSense in your feeds! Wow.

There are few other changes as well, following is directly from the Feedburner blog;

As part of this Google Account migration, we will need to make a few process changes for our API partners. Effective immediately, the FeedBurner Management API will only be available for existing FeedBurner partners and those Google partners who currently have access to other Google AdSense APIs. The Awareness API will continue to work exactly as it did before, noting that once you migrate to a Google account, you will have to use your Google account credentials IF you use the authenticated API.

If, going forward, you do not want to sign in with a Google account, you can always take your feeds with you by redirecting your subscribers back to your source. Migration will ultimately be here for everybody, including all you MyBrand folks who are master of your domain.

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