Sunday, April 06, 2008

Self-Service Feed Transfer capability with Feedburner .

If you are a Feedburner user, you may have noticed the new feature that burning people have added to your My Feeds control panel, (see above picture, just above Monetize.), called Transfer Feed. According to Feedburner, this has been live for weeks.

What is it good for?

Nowadays more and more people build blogs, websites, portal pages. They also get wise and burn feeds to increase awareness of the pages and to promote the sites in this large ocean of publishing. As usual there will be changes in content ownership and control lead to the desire to move a FeedBurner feed from one account to another. This used to be a hassle to the owner of the feed and the Feedburner itself. Before this feature, if someone who wanted to transfer a feed to another account used to a submit a request to Feedburner, and then one of the burning people would verify the accounts and then complete the actual feed transfer. Reliable, but time-consuming and tedious for all parties involved.

So no more sweating over transfers, you can now transfer it to anyone you like simply by using the Transfer Feed… link. (Please note that only feed owners may initiate transfers from their own accounts to others. Additional how-to info about Feed Transfer is in our Help Center topic.)

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