Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bloglines Beta Brings A Slew Of New Features, Search, Flickr View and Improved Add Page

Bloglines have made a bunch of nice changes to Bloglines beta. I have already signed up and enjoying it. Below are some facts from bloglines News. But there are more like Bloglines Top 1000, which I liked very much. The movers and shakers are visible together with moves and shakes (graphs).
I really dig the bloglines beta.
Blog search is finally in Beta, and we've incorporated some popular Ask 3D features. For example, related searches are displayed in the right-hand column next to results. All of classic's features are still there, but with newer styling.

Flickr View Selecting a Flickr feed and viewing it in quick view now uses the Flickr API to show images at their maximum resolution.
Add Page Beta's old add page was spartan, to say the least. The new Add page has package tracking, weather feeds, and a new feature: Packs. You can now add popular categories of feeds with a single mouse click.
You can sign up here!
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