Friday, April 18, 2008

AideRSS To Help You Filter Your Daily Doze Of RSS Feeds!

I came across AideRSS while ago but did not have time pen something about it. But now it is a must as it is everywhere I manage read my feeds. So instead of writing I have borrowed from other peoples writing! ;).

But I have a question, What if you are a publisher? your pagerank goes higher if people read your posts and propagate them and you get you postrank high. But people don't read your articles because of your post rank is low! Oxymoron RSS!

But no worry you can fix it, just get two of your friends to dig your article and the postrank will jump!

"Users of the NewsGator Online Reader are going to find a new, nifty feature in their readers today: AideRSS PostRank filtering! Similar to the AideRSS GoogleReader Extension for GoogleReader, this functionality will enable NewsGator users to easily sort posts based on social engagement, and quickly find and read what matters."

If you do not know what AideRSS is;

There are only 24 hours in a day and a near infinite number of blogs to follow. You don’t attempt to read the entire newswire every day, and we didn’t think you should be doing the same for every blog. We set out to create an aide, like the newspaper editor, to help you find and read what matters.

AideRSS is an intelligent assistant, which continuously monitors RSS feeds, finds the good stuff, creates a PostRank™, and delivers it to you. We do the grunt work of collecting information on every post, allowing you to focus on your agenda and stay on top of the news stream.

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