Monday, November 19, 2007

Newsgator Puts OpenSocial to Use

Latest NewsGator social application taps into a programming model developed by Google to deliver and enable discussion about the best video and image content for Google users

Nov. 2, 2007 — NewsGator Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in RSS and Enterprise 2.0, today announced the release of Didja Hear!?, the latest NewsGator social application that will give Google users the ability to easily share and discuss video and image content.

Didja Hear!? leverages OpenSocial, a programming model developed by Google in which developers are provided with a set of common APIs enabling distribution of their applications across multiple sites all with the aim to help the Web become more social and to make sharing great content easy. Didja Hear!? and its participation in OpenSocial reinforces NewsGator’s continued commitment to innovation and highlights the power and flexibility of NewsGator’s RSS platform to deliver compelling, social and useful applications.

Didja Hear!? leverages NewsGator’s database of nearly two million feeds and the editorial controls of NewsGator’s Widget Framework to present the images and videos that are most compelling and enjoyable for users to pass on to their friends. With Didja Hear!?:

• NewsGator automatically recommends the top video and graphic content from nearly two million RSS feeds – more than seven million articles per day;

• The NewsGator Widget Framework divides those videos and images into categories including movies, sports, celebrities, television and more; and,

• Users can easily send a cool video to their friends along with comments – and reply back with comments on any videos they get – as well as see existing comments on anything they have sent.

“Didja Hear!? and our early participation in OpenSocial exemplify our mission of getting the right content to the right people. We developed Didja Hear!? to filter and deliver the best video and graphical content from across the Web to the users who want to interact with it,” said Brian Kellner, vice president of products at NewsGator. “Didja Hear!? is like a Web 2.0 mashup of a greeting card store and a coffee shop – it’s a fun way for people to communicate, interact and socialize around quality content.”
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