Friday, March 28, 2008

RSS For Educators, A New Book On RSS Technology.

A powerful technology, but a simple concept, RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”) makes it possible to easily access frequently updated content on the Internet. RSS allows you to “subscribe” to content and have updates automatically delivered to your computer. Many Web 2.0 tools, including blogs, podcasts, and wikis, have been made even more useful with the advent of RSS technology.

Let expert John Hendron show you how to use a news aggregator to harness the power of RSS for a variety of purposes, including classroom projects, professional development, and keeping students and parents informed. Learn how to use free and inexpensive software such as Garage Band and Audacity to manipulate audio files and create podcasts. Explore the pros and cons of various blogging platforms. Have your students blog, and use RSS to deliver their assignments to you automatically. With RSS and the Read/Write Web, the possibilities are endless.

A glossary and an extensive list of online resources round out this essential guide to the power of Web syndication.


* A complete introduction to RSS technology
* How to harness the power of RSS for educational purposes
* The pros and cons of low-cost and free Web 2.0 software

"RSS for Educators" is available online for $20.95 for ISTE members and $29.95 for nonmembers. More information about the book, including the table of contents and a free, downloadable excerpt, is available at The book is appropriate for grade PK-12
teachers, pre-service teachers, technology coordinators, curriculum developers and teacher educators.
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