Tuesday, March 04, 2008

myFeedz, A Social Newspaper

I have been using the myFeedz for a while now. One might think it is a online RSS reader at first glance. But the site says it is not. According to myFeedz, it finds what's important from the information overload that we try to navigate everyday and shows you what you need to read. How does it know what I read? It learns from what you like and helps you keep up with your interests.
myFeedz also finds the most linked to and referenced news and then present it to you based on what you usually read at the on line news paper.
But to learn what myFeedz is really like you need to visit it. The first thing that you will notice is the smooth interface by Adobe Labs.
and for startes, you can start with the FAQ and you may find answers to questions like;
  • What is a feed?
  • How are feeds used in myFeedz?
  • What is a tag?
  • What is a tagcloud?
  • How are tags used in myFeedz?
  • How does rating work?
  • Why am I not getting any fresh articles for my tags?
  • Can I submit my favorite sites?
  • How do I remove irrelevant articles?
etc. So enjoy your news paper, myFeedz.

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