Friday, March 28, 2008

LegalFish Newsroom Bring Legal (as in Law) Feeds To You.

Chicago, IL, March 27, 2008 The latest legal news from various sites is now available at your fingertips with a simple click to the LegalFish Newsroom.

To avoid the hassle of unnecessary searching, typing, and opening of new browsers to obtain information, the LegalFish Newsroom uses RSS feeds which enables consumers and attorneys to access the latest legal news on one page from the top three legal sites:, LexisNexis, and CNN Law.

RSS feeds aggregate updated content and dynamically feeds it in real time to a website. The LegalFish Newsroom, in turn, receives these dynamic updates on the day’s top legal headlines with links directly to the source article. “Rather than time-consuming and relentless searching, RSS feeds allow these legal news sites to work for you by constantly keeping the consumer filled in,” said Joshua Fuhrmark, Managing Director of LegalFish. He further commented on the efficiency of the LegalFish Newsroom application by noting its benefits to readers. “You don’t have to flip channels, and consumers stay informed in a timely and relevant manner on the latest legal news and trends,” Fuhrmark said.

Mr. Fuhrmark hopes that readers bookmark the LegalFish Newsroom page. He believes that having easy access to legal news educates and benefits those consumers who are looking to find a qualified attorney or law firm to help them best address their unique legal issues. Within the industry of Attorney-Client Matching (ACM), LegalFish is the first to employ RSS feeds.

To visit the LegalFish Newsroom, go to
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