Thursday, January 17, 2008

Indexing Trouble At Technorati Is Being Fixed

According to Technorati blog, they are in the midst of repairing most of the effected data due to some indexing troubles they had this past week.
Technorati's spiders were shutdown for several hours last week due to this reason while the Technorati team was investigating and fixing the problem. Some newly created weblogs had their data scrambled.
No blogs that existed in our system before Dec. 18th were impacted at all.
They expected to fix everything during the weekend but it proved to be not the case due to vast amount of data that Technorati handles. Since then further work on the problem is working andd they are recovering now and the backlog of data processing is getting worked through.
So if your blog is not showing correct data or if your blog is not there at all, when you visit;
you can inform Technorati at the support request page. A selection for 'The January 8th System Outage' will be available this month to specially aid the abnormal troubles with this case if there are any!
Information is from Ian Kallen's Dog Ate Your Blog post.

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