Saturday, October 06, 2007

China Blocking RSS feeds, Any RSS Feed

Ars Technica reports that China is blocking any RSS Feeds to China. I verified this with the WebsitePulse' china firewall test none of the feeds were available from Bejing,China, but the same feeds were available in Hong Kong.
ARS begins with
" As many readers who follow the antics of the Chinese government know, when it comes to enforcing the "Great Firewall of China," consistency isn't exactly its strong point. While certain phrases, concepts, and entire web sites are regularly blocked from reaching the eyeballs of many Chinese Internet surfers, things like high traffic are enough to let a number of forbidden concepts slip through. And then there's the indecision of China's Public Security Bureau (PSB), which has blocked certain sites (such as Blogspot and Wordpress blogs) on and off for some time now, and enforces the blocks inconsistently between provinces. For a One True China, there are certainly many interpretations of what is and isn't allowed through the country's cyber connection."

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