Friday, July 20, 2007

Go get you Map Mashup on!

Where do you get map mashups other than Frappr, Zooomr, Trulia, and still do something worthwhile to spend your (UN) productive time with. I am always in the look out for mapping tools as they are very good feed tools as well, if you configure them right!
So set out to look for some but then realized that Mashable's Adam Ostrow has already done it for me. I don't know why but he found 13 worthwhile maps (why not 12 or 14, I don't know. May be he is trying to take unlucky ness from #13) Well if you count all the plugs in comments, it is 33 sites I think!
Anyway I think it is a good investment to spend some time smashing these map mashups! All are supposed to commemorate newly released, Google Mapplets, that is two P's.

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