Friday, June 01, 2007

RSS Announcer comes to read your feeds, just like TV or youtube!

I thought I have seen all the RSS bots and readers. And I see that I have not! ;). Televirtual has announced Karina, the RSS Announcer based on their AiVATARS & AiCASTERS technology

Despite their small client PC or mobile phone footprints, AiCASTERS boast a range of complex expressions and gestures, which allow them to interpret and augment the information they deliver. This ability can be semantic-related or 'tagged' manually by an RSS editor, and allows them to bring added performance to the material they deliver. To match this performance we integrate only the best available synthetic speech solutions.

Televirtual's Rapid Information Delivery system is not limited to character performance. It can also manage. control and handle rich content including still photography, maps, diagrams or movies. The auto-generated result simulates a conventional TV news or information bulletin.

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