Friday, February 09, 2007

Yahoo pipes pipes feeds and more

Although it is some time since Yahoo let the pipes beta out, I did not have enough time to test it out. I did get a chance today and well, very clever piece of work. If worked hard enough, one would be able to pipe all his internet information through Yahoo Pipes. If you trust the Internet enough, then you will be able to create pipe that transfers data from one place to other. Like a VPN that we use to connect network to network.
I created a my own pipe, (Basically saved a copy of another pipe that a rather creative person has created and modified for my uses) and I am rather amazed and disappointed with the results. The disappointment is not due to Yahoo pipes but for what Yahoo pipes showed me. SPLOGS stealing blog data. I was searching for exact line by line copying of blog information. I found many, my own blogs, (yes I do have a few blogs! why? same reason you have your bookmarks categorized. you have? don't you.)
I invite you to visit Yahoo pipes and let some ideas flow.

Yahoo pipes Beta

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