Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ping survey results from October

Mark Sweeting of Britblog, Technoranki fame has done a survey ping services. Not all the ping services out there but three of them. So what is the interest of those to me? First let me tell you what those ping Services are and then I will tell you why.
Mark is currently monitoring the following three ping services: Autopinger, Blogflux, and Ping-o-matic.
Why am I looking at these? because I use two of those services, Autopinger (I like the best) and BlogFlux (thought it was good!).
Anyway I think feeds and pings go together. And when (WHEN?) feedotopia is up, I will try t work with Autopinger to provide some services to Fedotopia.
Another reason is I like what Mark is doing. Just browse his projects and see if you like them too.

Mark Sweeting
Autopinger Blog

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