Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Digg uses new tools and make it harder to be dugg!

The few stories I submitted to, never reached the quota for front page display. But then I thought it is the game. But it seems there is more to the game.
Neil Patel at PronetAdvertising has a story about the new algorithm used by DIGG and how it will affect the pages reaching the front page of Digg. Just because you have a bunch of friends that digg for you might not bring the story to the front page. Looks like it needs more.
Niel goes on to describe the story more and tells you how a story without being dugged 60 times might make it to the front page.
Here an excerpt;
Complexity of the algorithm
The good news is not all categories require 60 diggs before the story hits the homepage. It seems that Digg has taken multiple factors into account such as number of submissions in a category, diggs, and time because certain categories do not need as many diggs before the stories hit the front page. The sports and entertainment categories are two of the categories that do not require too many diggs because not too many people digg these types of stories and these categories are also low on submissions.
I could not find any official info about the new algorithm. May be I need to learn to search better.
As we all want to know, hope better stories reach the front page, specially my stories! ;)
Neil Patel
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