Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blogger The Trip Through 2007 and The Roundup

Yes I have been with Blogger with for more than three years and always wondered why didn't I start before? So if you have slightest inclination, start now.
Yes the year 2007 passed without noticing that Blogger beta became The Blogger and I was one of the first to try the Beta Blogger. I am not much of a tweaker (I am not much of a writer either) so I just used regular templates and learned bit by bit how to add stuff. But with the new layout system, it is a breeze!
Yes, I have been breezing through more than 3000 posts in various blogs that I command. I thank Google and the Blogger team for the service they provided and only one time I had to contact the support was to get my site checked to verify that it is not a spam site!
The Blogger Buzz has an article about what they went through during the 2007. I think you will enjoy! I did.
Blogger Buzz: 2007 Roundup
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