Sunday, September 30, 2007

Feeds are shareable, just mash them up

Google Mashup Editor Blog: Sharable $user feeds
GME allowed application feeds to be shared. But now due to changes made to the GME, user feeds which were private previously, are now shareable. Now this might bring out more mashable ideas!
Feedotopia is currently playing with GME in certain features and hope to use this new opening to the fullest as our application is completely user based.
If you want to see examples of this feature, have a look at MultiTask (a shared task list) and My Travel Map, ( a travelling mashup?).
Feeds are shareable

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Read any feed with multilingual Google Reader

Google Reader goes multilingual as well as breaking away from the Google Labs.
I have been using the reader, The Google reader from it's inception and all I see are improvements. I think now that it has broken away from Google labs, the stand alone Google reader will do well with the line up of other google applications and services that serve us well and it self! ;)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Learning through RSS at OpenLearn

RSS versions of the OpenLearn units are being made available at OpenLearn Units as RSS). I have been keeping in touch with open university The Open University, best known as OU has made strides in offering various courses for people from all over the world.
It is exciting, to my mind at least, to see the RSS versions of each of the OpenLearn course units (this is still in the process of implementation).

Here's an example: a course unit on Babylonian mathematics (via RSS).

You can find the full list here: OpenLearn Units and thier RSS unit content feeds.

The feeds are also reachable from each course unit landing page (example):

Find the feed you need or reach feedotopia!

Google blog tell us how the information overflow and how to tame it with Google reader. Because there is search added to the Google reader now! Although it is focused on blogs and news sources, I hope this post will help Feedotopia to jump through the hoops of filtering and become popular so that I would be able to help the world, to reach Feedotopia. Blurb from Google Blog;
Find a needle in a feedstack with Google Reader
"Your sources filter out the noise and present the most interesting bits to you in a useful way. For many of us, these sources include newspapers, magazines, and of course blogs. We built Google Reader as a way for you to see all of your online sources in one place."
And the utube, youtube video!;